How I function as a photographer

The first thing I say to my clients when we start shooting is ”don’t mind the camera”. When they don’t know me they’re usually puzzled, I start a conversation with them and once they’re comfortable enough I stop talking and start guiding them a bit more. And usually the result is STUNNING. I’m all about natural looking photos rather than posed ones, of course at some point I will ask you to smile, to tilt your head a bit or to position yourself a certain way but my absolute favorites are usually the not posed ones.

As for a wedding or an event, I have pretty much the same approach I however make sure to cue the couple and their close relatives on how I’m not a maestro photographer. I’m more of the invisible one, you will only see my flash. Once again I will make my couple pose, my bride smile or look at me, especially with family portraits or more formal portraits.

My favorite ace-breaker in a portrait session is to tell them not to laugh or to ask them to talk about their passion in life. When it comes to couples my favorite is to ask one of them to tell a funny story or some kind of inside.

As for the editing part, I make sure that I don’t make linger my clients for too long. I keep it simple and natural (a next blog post is coming), I play with the lighting, the highlights and shadows. I like my photos bright well light and on the pink side.

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