My photography story



For as far as I can remember I always had been playing with a camera. Growing up I was always on the lookout for something to shoot and I never liked the conventional framing of a photo, I always had my dad tell me that it is not how you take a photo. I got my first ‘’real’’ camera at the age of 18, from that moment I started shooting as much as possible. It felt like a sweet escape from my anxious mind-set, till now taking photographs still soothes me. My style and skills have evolved greatly since. My friends were my models and I shot my first wedding at my one of my friend’s family weddings, she had her own photographer then but I was still running around with my Nikon and I loved the result of it. My second wedding was because my friend’s photographer cancelled on her last minute, so once again I was running around with my dress and my heels, but I loved it! At the same time, I was still exploring my surroundings through my lens. Hence my prior name : Through Our eyes.

With the summer coming I was thinking that maybe I was the time to launch a small business out of it, at the same time one of the people present at the last wedding was getting married and she wanted me to be her photographer, the timing was perfect!


I remember stressing out like crazy, at that moment i decided to acquire my first external  flash. I bought a really cheap one from Ebay and I visited the place 2 days before just to make sure that I got the right lighting. I took notes, watched videos on YouTube  and everything, I was ready! Of course, the day of the wedding like any other wedding photographer will tell you you really don’t have time to play with your settings if you don’t master your lighting already you’re screwed. Once the wedding over imagine… I didn’t edit any photo and I didn’t sort them out either (:O), I just gave her all the photos (I apologize Zineb ).

At the same time, when my friends noticed that I liked photography they started asking for photo shoots, my favorites where of course the outdoor ones! My skills really improved that way.

My passion got to another level the day I left for my exchange semester to the most photogenic city in the world: Istanbul!

I spent 5 months exploring a city and a country that offered me many and many opportunities to improve my photography skills. I am so grateful for that experience. Once I got back from my travels, I decided I would invest myself in photography, I took two classes that I really liked but were not really useful, and I kept practicing and teaching myself through portrait sessions and some events here and there.


In 2017 I decided that I would make my photography a job and yes I  am still learning and making mistakes and yes I still get as nervous before shootings just like at the beginning.

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